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Hi all, we are Beatriz and Andres, the picture above is from our dogs  and we are very enthusiastic and Dogue de Bordeaux owners also amateur breeding. Our passion starts in Europe  when we got our first male named “Piolin” so we are lover of the Dogue de Bordeaux for long time ago, our life is pure passion for these wonderful dogs.

We came to USA from Europe and we bring our Dogue de Bordeux from Spain with us. Once you have your dogs with all love, It’s  impossible to separate from them

Our dogs are pure breed Dogue de Botrdeaux, they are registered on Spain Real Canin Federation with first line blood ( world’s championship bloodline ) and also registered on American Kennel Club.

If you are an Dogue de Bordeaux lover, this will be a good place for you in order to know our dog’s bloodline, helpful information about the breed, health care that they need etc.

If you are thinking about be a owner, this is a good place to start.